Thanks to the kind support from Metabolic Studio, the HoPe Veterinary Center will soon be resuming free, full-service veterinary care to the pets of the homeless in Los Angeles County!

As you may know, low funds in 2012 forced us to shut down our routine clinical and surgical aid. For several long months our services were limited to established patients with chronic medical conditions.

Today, thanks to everyone at Metabolic Studio, HoPe Founder and CEO Dr. Tina Owen is looking to secure a donated space where we’ll soon get things under way again! Stay tune for news of our new location and upcoming clinics.

“We are honored and delighted to be able to partner with the Metabolic Studio to help those most in need,” said Dr. Owen. “It has been very difficult to hear of problems our clients’ pets have been experiencing since we were forced to reduce services, and to be unable to help. I am so looking forward to seeing our established clients and patients again, and to welcoming new ones.”

We feel fortunate that our new friends at Metabolic Studio share our concerns over the value of HoPe and look forward to building a brighter future together.

Thank you Metabolic Studio…for bringing HoPe back!

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  1. archeage gold…

    Thank you Metabolic Studio! | Hope Veterinary Center Blog…

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